Kingdoms Of Amalur Progresses Towards A Sequel!

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Kingdoms of Amalur is a highly rated action RPG video game from 2012 and those that have played the title would love to see a sequel happen.

Well, if you’re among them, we have got some great news for you and it is that Kingdoms of Amalur 2 is on the verge of getting produced. A sign of this happening surfaced online earlier today through a press release from THQ Nordic.

It was stated that THQ Nordic has acquired Kingdoms of Amalur and this is a huge sign of a sequel happening. Otherwise, there won’t be a point for the game developer to purchase the RPG franchise.

At the rate things are going, Kingdoms of Amalur 2’s development will commence at the start of 2019 hence you can look forward to hearing an official confirmation on the game towards the end of next year.