Last of Us 2: How Close Are We

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Ever since Naughty Dog has released the new trailer as well as a new gameplay video of the game, fans have been anxiously waiting for the game to arrive and it looks like we could be closer than we think.

According to Anthony Newman, the co-game director, the developer is looking to hire people to help finish up the game suggesting that they could be near to the end.

Of course, when the developer starts closing things out, it might take them longer than we think. In fact, we are only guessing that it is the Last of Us 2 that they are talking about since he did not really mention a game.

We do know that Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson have already completed all their shoot for Joel and Ellie. As of now, no release date has been announced yet. Fans that were hoping to learn more at E3 will also be disappointed to learn that Sony will not be attending this event this year so we might have to wait a little longer to learn more about the game.