Let’s Go Eevee: Free Shiny Eevee Available!

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Those that play the Pokemon games know how important these shiny Pokemon are. Well, now is your chance to get yourself a free Shiny Eevee. Here is how you can get one.

The Pokemon Company announced that their Nintendo Switch Pokemon game will get a free Shiny Eevee or Pikachu depending on which version you own from now until the 23rd of June.

Instead of just picking up a download code, you will need to have the new Pokemon Pass phone app now. Use the app to receive the code for the free Pokemon. The app is free and is already available on Google Play and App Store.

After downloading the app, sign in to your Pokemon Trainer Club account and start looking for the QR code in participating Target store. Scan the code and you will get the serial code which you can input into the game and get the Shiny Pokemon. Depending on which version you own, you will get the opposite version of the Pokemon which means Let’s Go Eevee players will get a Shiny Pikachu while Let’s Go Pikachu players will get a Shiny Eevee.