Let’s Go Pikachu Map Gives Away Mew Confirmation!

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Let’s Go Pikachu is the next major game from the Pokémon franchise and fans can’t wait for it. This is despite of the fact that Let’s Go Pikachu will be a game that is based largely on Pokémon Yellow.

Let’s Go Pikachu will be set in the Kanto region and it will feature characters like Team Rocket, and of course, Pikachu. Today, a picture of the game’s map got released online and it reveals plenty more on the game.

Aside from the fact that the construction building in Vermillion City is still not done yet, there is a ‘T’-shaped island near the cruise ship and memories of the old game will tell you that it is the place where the legendary Pokémon, Mew, can be found.

For a full look at Let’s Go Pikachu’s map, you can refer to the embedded Tweet below.