Life Is Strange 2 Joining Vampyr In Dontnod Dominance

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2018 is looking like a gem of a year for Dontnod Entertainment as the game developer has stuck gold with Vampyr. The RPG title puts you in the shoes of a vampire character and the unique fun which it has to offer is second to none.

This is huge if you’re a fan of Dontnod because Vampyr has placed the company n the same ranks as elite game developers. Just so you know, Vampyr is listed in the top 10 bestselling games for 2018 so far. The best part about all of these is that Vampyr won’t be the only success for Dontnod this year.

The game developer has got another great IP on the way to make its debut and it is Life is Strange 2. The sequel to the successful game, Life is Strange, will be making its debut at the end of September next month.

Life is Strange was widely praised for being the best indie game back in 2015 and the upcoming sequel will establish mainstream status. But of course, this is only if Life is Strange 2 is able to attract new players into adopting the game.