Life Is Strange 2: Where’s The Secret?

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It is official. Life is Strange will be getting a sequel and the future title is expected to arrive before the year ends. To be more precise, Dontnod is hoping to launch Life is Strange 2 at the end of September 2018.

Today, the hype for the game reached a new peak after the developers released a new teaser trailer for Life is Strange 2. The clip basically highlighted the new things coming to the game with some mild reveals on the plot.

All looks exciting aside from the fact that there isn’t a huge mystery in the trailer, unlike how it was in the original title. Back in Life is Strange, things were kept so subtle that nobody expected the character (spoiler ahead) to have powers.

In Life is Strange 2, the teaser is pretty open with a much more public facing scenario. The clip has made us curious to see on what sort of foundations Life is Strange 2 is built on and this will have to wait until the game gets released.