Madden 19: EA Admits To Mistake!

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Madden NFL 19 is an upcoming game from EA Sports and it is expected to make its debut later this month. Fans of the NFL couldn’t be more excited for it, that is until they realized a huge issue on the game.

If you’ve been following the hype on Madden 19, you must’ve heard about football star Colin Rand Kaepernick who got his name censored in the game. The name censoring was discovered in Madden 19’s soundtrack and it has left many in confusion.

Today, EA Sports have stepped forward to share that they have made a mistake with the censoring of the name Colin Kaepernick and they apologized for it. The only setback here is that EA never offered any explanation as to how the mistake was made.

This is something many would love to know the answer to because it’s not the first time EA has made questionable censoring on song lyrics. Will EA come clean?