Mass Effect 5 Not Likely To Recover From Mass Effect 4 Flop!

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Mass Effect is one of the most popular sci-fi-themed video game franchises around but things have been going downhill for the series since the release of Mass Effect 3.

If the poor ending in Mass Effect 3 is not bad enough, Mass Effect 4 never really offered much that can hand the series a positive U-Turn. Even so, the sales success of Mass Effect 4 has made it safe to assume that Mass Effect 5 will get produced and fans are desperate for a the game to be the best in the series.

The signs were looking great when reports confirmed that the original Mass Effect writer and also the brains behind Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Drew Karpyshyn, have returned to Bioware years after leaving the company.

But then again, those excitements ended prematurely when today’s reports revealed that Drew Kraphyshyn has left Bioware again.

The official statement revealed that Drew has decided to leave Bioware again because he is getting hired to work on The Old Republic’s expansions. For fans like us, we somehow believe that there is more to the story than that and we sense a lot of conflict within the developing department.