Mega Man 11 Hands Nintendo Switch A Head Start!

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When it comes to multi-platform titles, the Nintendo Switch is perceived by many as the platform at a disadvantage. This is due to game developers that prefers to promote their upcoming titles on the Xbox One and PS4 instead of the Switch.

Well, this is unless you are Capcom and has a hidden desire to get a good rep in the eyes of a large gaming population. The developer is on the verge of launching Mega Man 11 and they had just made a demo of the game playable on the Switch.

As for those on the Microsoft Xbox One and the Sony PS4, they will need to wait until tomorrow before they can get their hands on the Demo.

Mega Man 11 will be the next major sequel in the classic Mega Man series and it promises to offer a nostalgic experience but with a high definition technical finish. Capcom will make Mega Man 11 available for purchase on October 2, next month.