Microsoft Cashing In On Quantum Break To Boost Xbox One Sales

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The gaming industry right now is being dominated by Sony thanks to the latest PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, the Xbox One from Microsoft failed to offer a big fight like its predecessors due to its underwhelming specs and poor launching strategy.

Even so, most gamers can’t deny the fact that Microsoft has got an eye for talent. Xbox-exclusive titles have always struck gold in the gaming industry and this is evident with the likes of Halo, Titanfall and many others.

Now, Microsoft is hoping to keep the exclusive streak alive with the promotion of Quantum Break. The upcoming open-world game will have an interesting plot that focuses on time-bending.

Quantum Break is tipped to be very similar to Watch Dogs. However, it will not have a repetitive gameplay and the title promises hours of adventure too. Gamers can already pre-order Quantum Break as the game is preparing to make its official launching on both the Xbox One and the PC.

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  1. Netnow66

    April 7, 2016 at 3:57 am

    Reviews for the game on the Xbox One have been tepid–reviews on the PC, which have some wondering if any quality control was used, have been absolutely horrendous.

    This is certainly not the shining moment Microsoft was hoping for.