Modern Warfare 3 Joins Microsoft Xbox’s BC Program!

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If there is one thing great about the Microsoft Xbox One, it is the console’s ability to run games from the Xbox 360. The feature is called backwards compatibility and it plays a major role in saving the Xbox One some face after losing the current-gen console wars.

But even with backwards compatibility, not every game on the Xbox 360 is playable on the Xbox One. Microsoft is required to sort out the necessary paperwork to make a game playable on their latest console hence the list of backwards compatible game is continuously expanding.

The latest to join the list is a huge FPS title and it is Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. The playability of Modern Warfare 3 on the Xbox One will complete what is already available on the BC list.

It’s a great accomplishment from Microsoft as Modern Warfare 3 was one of the most popular games around and having it playable on the Xbox One will make the console more attractive.