Monster Hunter World Collides With Assassin’s Creed

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Monster Hunter World is no stranger to crossovers and this time, it will be getting some items from the Assassin’s Creed universe.

To get the new Assassin’s guild wardrobe, you will need to take down some monsters first. The new event quest SDF: Silent, Deadly and Fierce will start off in some arena where you will fighting Odogoron and Deviljho followed by Lunastra. After taking down all three will you only get a Senu’s Feather which is a reference to Bayek’s eagle in Origins.

Two of these feathers can be traded in for a layered armor that will make you look like Bayek. There is also a hood that will give you speed boost to running, climbing, and croaching.

Fans can also expect to see more crossover like this coming in the future as the developer as also announce that they will be bringing Geralt from The Witcher universe into the game as well. Fans can also look forward o the big Iceborne expansion event which will be arriving this fall.