Mortal Kombat 11: First DLC Trailer Shows Off New Fighters

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A new trailer for the upcoming new Kombat Pack DLC has been released giving us a look at the antagonist for Mortal Kombat 11. It was announced that Shang Tsung will be returning to take the antagonist role this time and we got to see a little of his gameplay in the new trailer.

While Shang Tsung was often ignored in favor of other antagonists like Shao Khan and Shinnok, the sorcerer has remained one of the more interesting fighters in the series. His main combat style is to steal the soul of men and use their talent against them meaning he can copy the skills, and appearance of his opponent.

Besides announcing Shang Tsung, players that have the DLC will also be early access to Klassic Skins for Noob-Saibot, Sub Zero, and Scorpion. The Kombat Pack will cost $39.99 and it will get you six additional characters and 19 skins