Move Aside PUBG, Monster Hunter World Is Taking Over!

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Playerunknown’s Battleground is not in its complete form yet but that never once prevented the online multiplayer video game from becoming a hit in the gaming scene.

Despite being a work in progress, many have paid for a ‘preview’ of the game on the Xbox One and it resulted in PUBG being the bestselling title on the platform. But today, PUBG has fallen off the top spot on the sales charts and this is caused by Monster Hunter World.

The latest instalment in the popular RPG franchise had just debuted on the Xbox One and it is now ranked at number one for being the Top Paid game at the Xbox Store.

Monster Hunter World offers a massive world where players can explore and slay different kind of monsters. Much like other massive RPGs before it, Monster Hunter World offers long gameplay hours – something that gamers are very satisfied with.