Nameless Dragon Age Game Announced, Long Wait Ahead

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Bioware has been teasing us about a Dragon Age announcement that they have ready for The Game Awards. While some fans were worried that it would end up being another mobile game announcement, Bioware did not disappoint us. What we got was a new teaser trailer for the Dragon Age Inquisition sequel.

The trailer does not reveal much other than the hashtag #TheDreadWolfRises which tells us that this will pick up where the last game ended since it was revealed in the last game that Solas the Elven mage is the Dread Wolf. The game ended suggesting that Solas might be the main villain of the next game.

Bioware also added that the team that is working on the new game are veterans with some coming from Dragon Age: Origins, Jade Empire and Baldur’s Gate which sound great but let’s hope they do get the game right this time.

The new Dragon Age game will most likely come out in 2020 or later so sit tight because this is going to be a long wait.