New Free Epic Game Announced

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Epic has been giving away free games on a weekly basis and they have now revealed the latest free game that we can get from them.

Called Kingdom: New Lands, the game will be available for free from now until the 13th of June so make sure you get it before it gets taken down. Once you’ve claimed it, it will be yours to keep.

The game was released back in 2016 as a kingdom-building simulator were you play as the monarch that is trying to build his kingdom across six unique islands. You will be able to travel via boat or mounts. The graphic is two dimensional with left and right movement only.

Epic has already revealed the next game that they will be offering for free after Kingdom: New Lands which will be Enter the Gungeon. The Epic Mega Sale is also still on right now so do head to their site to check out some of the discounted games available.