New Tetris Battle Royale Game Announced At Nintendo Event

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Nintendo had a lot to announce at Nintendo Direct this year and while some of the announcement was predictable, there were a few surprises like the new Tetris Battle Royale game.

We have been seeing more and more Battle Royale game recently but what we did not expect was to see a Tetris Battle Royale game. The Tetris 99 announced by Nintendo pits 99 players against each other. You win when you beat the other players.

The game will be free to play starting now so you can jump right in. Those that are subscribed to Switch Online can take part in Online Play and other special events in the future.

While not as intense as some of the other Battle Royale games out there, we can see how this could also be pretty appealing to those looking for something more relaxing. We are always down for some Tetris.