New The Walking Dead VR Game Will Bring You Face-To-Face With The Walkers

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We have seen a lot of games based on the popular The Walking Dead series and there is now another game that we can add to the list. Developed by Survios, the new The Walking Dead game will come in as a VR game and will let you go fight the zombies head-on.

Called The Walking Dead: Onslaught, the game will allow you to become one of your favorite survivors from the show and try to take down as many walkers as you can.

The game will be available in arcades and retail platforms. No word on whether devices like the Oculus Quest will be supported. One thing that was highlighted by the developer is the ‘progressive dismemberment” tech where players can slice off limbs, heads, and various moves.

Slicing at the Walker could also get your weapon stuck on the walker and there will be resistance when you try to pull it out. Check out the trailer below.