Next-Gen Xbox The Last Of Its Kind?

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The current generation console wars have ended early for Microsoft as the Xbox One is unable to offer a strong challenge at the Sony PlayStation 4. The failures of the Xbox One has led rumours into claiming that there won’t be a new console to succeed over the Xbox One X but that is not true at all.

Microsoft trashed these claims when they revealed that the Xbox One will be getting a successor and it may arrive as early as 2020. The scary bit here is that Microsoft believes the next-gen consoles to be the last of its kind before a big change happens in the gaming world.

The big change will do away with controllers and any other traditional methods of gaming. Whether it is virtual reality or virtual simulation is something we will need to wait to find out.

More importantly, we are concerned on the name of the next-gen Xbox and this is especially since the console will be the last of its kind. Will it be called the Xbox Two?