Next Xbox Worth Getting Excited Over According To Xbox Boss

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We already know that Microsoft is working on a few consoles and while Microsoft has managed to keep everything kept under a tight lid, Xbox Boss Phil Spencer is ready to talk a little more about the upcoming console.

Spencer reveals that he is very excited about the new consoles and added that consoles are not going to go anywhere despite the growing demand for mobile games. He also added that he is very excited about what their consoles will have to offer in the future.

Out of all their rivals, Microsoft remains the only one that has ignored the demand for portable devices and he emphasizes that Xbox-branded mobile platform is not really their focus right now. What they think would be the future is game-streaming through the new Project xCloud service.

Of course, it would be years before we see streaming really takes off but they do think it is where were will be heading in terms of gaming. What do you think?