Nintendo Finally Hops On VR Train

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We know that Nintendo is known for being a little slower when it comes to adopting some of the newer techs and that has been the case with VR. When everybody else was rushing to create a VR hardware or games, Nintendo did not seems interested at all until now.

They announce Labo VR this week which will come in as the fourth DIY kit. Of course, since it is a cardboard build and all, it might not feel like a real VR device but don’t write it out yet.

The VR kit will come in with a cardboard sheet, stickers, rubber bands, and other crafting materials. The most important part of the set is the VR Googles which houses the console and can be fitted to the other Toy-Cons.

Unlike the normal VR headset, you won’t actually need any additional hardware and accessories to work. Of course, since it is a more simple setup, the experience will not be as impressive as a proper headset but it is better than what you think it could be.

The Nintendo Labo VR kit will be arriving ont he 12th of April.