Nintendo Switch Gets Adorable Spyro Controller

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If you prefer using a Pro Controller instead of the Joy-Cons that the Nintendo Switch console comes with, there are more than enough option out there right now but Spyro gans will be happy to learn about the new Spyro themed controller by PowerA.

The controller is already available for pre-order on Amazon now and will be arriving just in time for the release of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy which will be released on the 3rd of September.

The PowerA controllers will not only have the ability to map buttons to the triggers fitted in the back but it will also come with motion controls and Bluetooth connectivity but there will not be any NFC compatibility so you can scan Amiibos with it. The controller will be powered by two AA batteries and these will give you 30 hours of gameplay.

The wireless Spyro Controller By PowerA will be released on the 30th of August.