Nintendo Switch: Square Enix Love Story Act 2

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High profile love stories are full of twists and the gaming industry is not a stranger to this. We have seen Nintendo conquering the gaming industry back in the early 90s and they managed to do so with the help of Square Enix.

Back in those days, Square Enix has been actively supporting Nintendo by making the entire Final Fantasy Series exclusively for them. Final Fantasy was so huge back then and it allowed the consoles from Nintendo to leap into success.

But when Sony announced on the PlayStation 1 which comes with a CD-ROM reader, Square Enix left Nintendo in the dark and jumped ship. Square Enix can’t be fully faulted for it because they need a CD-ROM to develop Final Fantasy 7. The console from Nintendo was still stuck with cartridges.

Nintendo was fully upset by it and they even recalled the bitter memories of the past very recently ago. The Japanese gaming giant went as far as quoting that they don’t want Square Enix to come back to them ever again.

But following the Switch’s unveiling, we are surprised to see a couple of launch titles that are developed by Square Enix. The list includes Dragon Quest X, Dragon Quest XI and the tentatively-known title in development, Project Octopath Traveller.

All three games are from Square Enix and they are tipped to debut on the Nintendo Switch. Does this mean that Nintendo has found closure for their bitter past with Square Enix?