No Man’s Sky Developer Tip On Riding Past The Tough Times

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We all know that things did not start out well for the game No Man’s Sky. After all the hype, a lot of the suggested gameplay and features were not part of the first release version of the game and the fans were not too happy about that.

Well, No Man’s Sky developer, Hello Games is saying that them choosing to stay quiet while the internet rages on was the right move instead of engaging with the fans. Sean Murray, the studio head added that trying to p
placate” fans will not work after a bad launch.

Murray added that he have seen EA, Microsoft and Bethesda will try to talk tot heir fans to try and explain and calm them down but he thinks that it does not work putting right or wrong aside.

We know Bioware got a lot of heat when Anthem was the first release. Hello Games stayed quiet for two years while they continue to work on the game and has since released a lot of updates to bring the game closer to the one that they have promise.