Outer Wilds: Another Game Joins Epic Games Store

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Epic Games Store has been picking up games left and right and now it looks like one more anticipated game will becoming an Epic Games Store timed exclusive game when it arrives on PC.

Mobius Digital, the developer behind the upcoming sci-fi game Outer Wilds reported that the new game will be released on the Epic Games Store as a timed exclusive. While they did say the game will eventually be released on other platforms in the future, they did not say when.

Of course, backers of the crowdfunded game are not too happy that this will be an Epic Games Store exclusive game but at this point, there won’t be anything that they can do about that.

Besides getting released on PC, the game will also be released on Xbox One.

Some other games that were picked up by Epic Games as timed exclusive games include The Division 2, Borderlands 3, The Outer Worlds, Control and more. Some people are not too happy that Epic is buying these exclusives but it does not look like they plan to stop anytime soon.