Overwatch: Blizzard Promises More For Future

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Overwatch was a huge success for Blizzard and while they did make it clear that they will not be offering a sequel to Overwatch, that does not mean we will not be seeing more from the franchise.

According to J. Allen Brack, the CEO of Blizzard, they might be a new Overwatch game that is outside from the current shooter game. He added that games like Warcraft started out as an RTS but later became an MMO and it also has a spin-off Hearthstone game.

He added that Blizzard does believe that a lot of games can come from the IPs and that could mean that they might look to do more with Overwatch in the future.

Of course, Blizzard is not ready to talk right now so we do not know what they are working on so we can only wait and see. While Blizzard will not be going to E3, we will be seeing them at Blizzcon which will be happening in November so hopefully, we might be able to learn more about that.