Overwatch: Celebrating The Lunar New Year With New Skins

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Overwatch will be celebrating the 2019 Lunar New Year with an in-game event and as usual, a few new skins. Since this is the Year of the Pig, we can already guess which hero will take center stage.

The Year of the Pig event will be starting on the 24th of Janurty and will go on until the 8th of February. Before that, we will get to see the new skins on their Twitter and Facebook page.

Roadhog will get all the attention this time but we will have to wait and see what else Blizzard will be offering. Blizard have been release updates quite frequently with the last update brnging in a new mini-event for Ana along with free skin for the character. We also got the Winter Wonderland event and more.

Despite rumors about Blizzard having some issue, it looks like they are still working hard on the side of Overwatch.