Overwatch Drops More Clues About Hero 31

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Blizzard has been teasing fans with Hero 31 for some time now and their latest clue seems to be confirming the name of the upcoming new hero for the game Overwatch.

We already know that Blizzard will be adding a new hero to the game soon as they have not been subtle about that. The new hero will be the 31st playable hero that the game will have and while they have been dropping hints here and there, the latest teaser seems to confirm that the hero will be called Sigma.

In the latest image, it showed Jeff Kaplan getting suck into a black hole and we get to see name badge which has the Sigma symbol on it. Besides that, Blizzard is also trying out some new things with the game. In PTR, there is a new Role Queue feature where instead of picking a hero, the player will choose the role like tank, damage or support and then they will be matched with other players so that the team has two players from each role.

There is also the Summer Games event that the players can take part in right now.