Overwatch Let’s Fans Play Around With Modes & Rules

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Blizzard has been trying to make sure their Overwatch fans are constantly being entertain by releasing new hero and content but they have found another way for their fans to enjoy the game.

The developer will be releasing a new Overwatch Workshop into the game. The name itself should give you an idea of what this is about. The new feature will allow players to make their own custom scripts and rules so you can come out with their own modes.

Based on the video, it looks like players can also decide how a hero moves or the stats of their ability. They can also change the dialogue of the hero.

To show how crazy players can go, Blizzard created the new Molten Floor mode where you can’t touch the ground because it is molten lava. The other sample that was shown was the Mirrored Deathmatch that will put you against other players as mirrored heroes.

The new Workshop feature is only available in PTR on PC right now but it would not be long with they officially launch it on all platforms.