Overwatch: Lunar New Year Event Changes Outlined

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This year’s Lunar New Year event for Overwatch has started. Not only will fans we getting some new skins for a few of the heroes but Blizzard will also be making some changes to the game to even things out.

The latest patch notes released by Blizzard showed some of the buff and nerfs that Blizzard will be applying to the game. One of the change includes the Soldier 76’s Heavy Pulse Rifle which will now do 16 damange per shot instead of 14 explaining that this was to balance out the armor which can be too strong at times.

Brigitte’s Rally now only has a maximum duration of 30 secodns by’s Defense Matrix will now take 1 second longer to cooldown going from 1 second to 2 second.

Reaper on the other hand will be getting a buff as his life steal abiluty has now gone from 30% to 50%.