Overwatch: Lunar Special Skin Revealed

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We will be seeing more new skins released for Overwatch this few days as Overwatch prepares for the 2019 Lunar New Year event, an event based on the Chinese culture. Since this is the year of the pig, we should see more of that theme during the event.

We now know that Reaper, Hanzo and Reinhardt will all be getting an updated look and we will also be seeing a few more skins. Three new skins was revealed on Twitter this week.

One of the skin is Lu Bu Reaper while Hanzo gets the Huang Zhong Hanzo skin. The third skin is the Guan Yu Reinhardt skin. These three are the generals for lived during the Han dynasty.

The event will officially be starting on the 24th of Janaury and will go on until the 8th of February. We should be seeing a few more skins revealed before the event starts.