Overwatch Will Let You Look Back At Your Mistake

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Overwatch has been around for a few years now and one feature that serious players have been asking for is a replay feature that will allow them to watch the game back and see some of the key moment in the game as well as a better perspective on some of the mistake that they made.

Well, it looks like Blizzard heard them loud and clear as the developer has now announced that they will be adding a replay features into the game. According to Blizzard, the new replay feature will be added to the PTR on PC first where they will be testing it out before releasing it on the other platform.

Players can choose to watch the replays in first person or third person perspectives or even watch it from above. They can also speed up or slow things down and remove the UI for a clearer view.

The Replay tab will be slotted into the Player Profile page. Besides this new feature, Blizzard fans can also enjoy the Overwatch Anniversary event which is happening right now and will run until the 10th of June.