Phantasy Star Online 2 Finally Addressing Their Fans In The West

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Fans of the original Phantasy Star Online game in the west will be happy to learn that the game will finally be released in the West.

The game was originally released in Japan exclusively seven years ago and now it will be coming to the West although fans will still have to wait another year before they can get their hands on the game as it will only be arriving on the Xbox One next year.

While it shares a name with the Phantasy Star series, the game does not actually have that much connection to the series. Just like the first game, this game will also focus on online multiplayer where players can meet online in lobbies and chat with one another.

Of course, with the game being about 7 years late to the party, the developers might have lost a lot of their fans but for the die-hard fans that never stop believing that the game will eventually make its way over, the day is almost here.