Pokemon Go: February Community Day Announced

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Now that we are almost entering the second month of 2019, Niantic is ready to reveal more details about the February Community Day for Pokemon Go. Here is what we know now.

According to Niantics, the Pokemon that will be appearing during the event will be Swinub and Ice and Ground-type Pokemon. As per usual, we will be seeing more Swinubs appearing on the map during the event. We will also get a chance to catch a Shiny version of Swinub during the event.

If you catch enough Swiub and involve it into Mamoswine, you will be getting a special move but we still do not know what it is yet. Of course, you will also need a Sinnoh Stone to evolve Swinub. Sinnoh Stone can be found when you battle trainers.

You will also get triple the normal amount of Stardust with every Pokemon you capture. The February community day will be happening on the 16th of February.