Pokemon Go: Guide To Getting Smeargle

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When Niantic released the Gen 2 Pokemon into the game, some Pokémon did not make it into the game with one of them being Smeargle. Well, the latest update not only came with the new AR photo mode feature but it also brought in Smeargle. Here is how you capture the Pokemon.

To see Smeargle, you will have to use the new feature introduced by Niantics. Some reports claim that Smeargle will appear in the photos that you take using the Go Snapchat feature. If you see it, you need to exit out of the mode and it will be waiting for you in the wild.

We do not know how often Smeargle will actually appear in your photo but if you do capture one, it will have the same move as the Pokemon it has just photobombed. You will also get a Photo Bomb metal if you find one.

The new Go Snapchat features will be available for players that are above level 5.