Pokemon Go: New Shiny Pokemon Added!

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Pokemon Go Fest event, an event that is held annually will be starting soon and to celebrate that, Niantic will be adding a new shiny Pokemon into the game for a limited time.

Starting from the 13th of June, players will have a chance to catch themselves a Water-type Horsea which will appear more frequently. They will get a chance to come across a shiny Horsea.

The Horsea will hang around until the 16th of June which is the duration of the Pokemon Go Fest. While the Pokemon Go Fest will be held in Chicago, the Horsea event will be available globally.

As usual, we can also expect to see some Global Challenges throughout the event where players will all have to work together to help complete the goals to unlock special bonuses in the game.

In case you have not captured Cresselia, the Legendary Pokemon will only be around until the 18th of June so what are you waiting for.