Pokemon Go Next Community Day Announced

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We are at the end of February now and fans are already looking forward to the next Community Day event for Pokemon Go. Luckily, Niantic already has the details ready. Here is what the March Community Day event will be all about.

The event will be happening on the 23rd of March this time around and as per usual, the event will only last for three hours but do take note that the time will be different this time. In the past, each region will have a different starting time and ending time but Niantic has decided to have it all at the same time now. Starting from next month’s community day event, the event will start at 3PM and will go on until 6pm local time.

The Pokemon that we will be catching and evolving this time will be Treecko, the Gen 3 starter Pokemon. Niantic have not reveal the special move that Sceptile will get if you evolve Treecko during the event.