Pokemon Go: Team Rocket Finally Coming

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For those that have followed the Pokemon anime or played the first few versions of the game, Team Rocket has always been a major part of the game and Niantic is finally looking to add them into their Pokemon Go game.

Niantic has been teasing fans about Team Rocket for some time now as sharp-eyed fans spotted them in one of the latest poster lurking in the backgroind. The latest patch notes also reveal that Team Rocket will be inthe game.

While we won’t be seeing them on the map yet, it looks like players will be able to challenge Team Rockets members in battle. After the battle, players could also get a chance to capture Shadow Pokemons that the Rocket members abandoned.

Shadow Pokemon is the other games are Pokemons taken from villains that needs to be purify but we are not sure if Niantic will be offering the same mechanic in their app. You can check out the patch notes to see the other changes that the game will be getting.