Pokemon Go: Team Switching Feature Added!

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A lot of us joined the Pokemon Go right at the start when it was first released and at that time, we just choose whatever team we wanted but some people might want to change their team now.

That was never allowed in the game until now. Niantic announced a new item in the game that would allow players to change their Team but the item will not be free and that is not the only restriction that Niantic has put onto the Medallion.

The Medallion will cost 1000 PokeCoins which is quite pricey. If you were to buy the PokeCoins, it would cost you $10 USD to get 1200 coins. There is also a time lock where you can only buy one Team Medallion every 365 days.

The Team Medallion will be added to the game on the 26th of February along with a few other updates like the new Go Snapshot AR photo mode. There is also a special Raid event this weekend.