Pokemon Go: Time Almost Up!

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If you have not captured yourself the Legendary Pokemon Cresselia yet, you might want to act fast as there are only a few more days left before that Pokemon gets taken out from the game.

Cresselia will be leaving the game on the 18th of June which means you only have a few days left before the Pokemon leaves the game. This will also be one of the rare change where to get to capture a Shiny Cresselia.

If you want to have an easier time taking on Cresselia, the Legendary Pokemon is a Psychic-type which means fighting it with a Ghost, Dark and Bug Pokemon would be the most effective. Pokemon like Scizor, Tyranitar, and Giratina.

After Cresselia, the next Legendary Pokemon that will be coming in is Kyogre which will be hanging around until the 27th of June before it will make way for Groudon which will stay until the 10th of July.