Pokemon Go Welcomes The Arrival Of New Legendary Pokemon

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Now that Palkia is no longer available in the game, fans will be looking forward to catching the next Legendary Pokemon and this time, it will be Dialga from Pokemon Diamond.

Dialgia will be appearing in Raid battles starting the 1st of March. Since the Pokemon is a Steel/Dragon type Pokemon, you best choice would be to battle it with a Fighting or Ground type Pokemon. Pokemon like Hariyama, Groudon or Machamp would be a great choice.

Dialgia will be appearing in raid battles all over the world until the 28th of March so you have a little less than a month to capture it.

Niantic has also updated the game recently and has added the new Team Medallion item into the store. The item would allow players to switch teams but think carefully before you do that because you can only switch once every 365 days.