Pokemon Go Will Focus On The Hoenn Region

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If you have not taken advantage of the Adventure Sync Hatchathon egg hatching event, you still have some time to do that. Once that is over, Niantic will be ready to bring in a new two-week-long event.

According to Niantic, the next event will focus on the Hoenn region which is also the Ruby and Sapphire version. Players will see more Gen 3 Pokemons during that two week period including Pokemons like Tailow, Numel and Zigzagoon. There is also a higher chances of comign across a shiny version of these Gen 3 Pokemons.

If you catch enough Shroomist and evolve it into a Breloom, it will learn the attack Grass Knot. Legendary Pokemons Groudon and Kyogre will also be appearing in raid battles during the event.

Niantic will also eb released new avatar items based on Team Aqua and Team Magma. The event will start on the 15th of Jnaury and will end on the 29th of Jnaury.