Pokemon Sword & Shield Gigantamaxing Revealed

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New details about the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield have been revealed including a new special type of Dynamaxing called Gigantamaxing. Hear is what we know right now.

Those that are already familiar with Dynamaxing will know that it will increase the size of the Pokemon. Gigantamaxing, on the other hand, will not only increase the size of the Pokemon but it will also change the appearance of the Pokemon.

Some examples that we were shown this week was Drednaw which can now stand upright while Corviknight can be separated and fly around. Of course, not all Pokemon will be able to Gigantax.

Besides announcing the new Gigantax special ability, The Pokemon Company also announced four new species of Pokemon that we will be seeing with the release of Pokemon Swords and Shield. The first will be Alcremie which is a Fairy Type Pokemon like look like whipped cream and this Pokemon will be able to Gigantax.

Then there is Yamper, an electric puppy Pokemon that has the ability Ball Fetch. There is also RolyColy and Duraludon. The former is a Rock-Type coal Pokemon while the later is a Steel and Dragon Type Pokemon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be released on the 15th of November on the Nintendo Switch.