Pokemon Sword & Shield: What Can We Expect?

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Pokemon Fans can already get their hands on some new Pokemon games on the Nintendo Switch console like the Let’s Go games but we all know that this is not what the fans are waiting for. What they really want is the upcoming core Pokemon game.

We already know that it will be called Pokemon Sword and Shield. The game was originally teased back in 2019 and it will be coming in as the 8th-gen Pokemon game. This will be set in a completely new region which makes it even more expected.

The new region called Galar will be inspired by the UK and we will be seeing some familiar Pokemon as well as some new Pokemon. The Pokemon Company have already revealed the three new starter Pokemon, Grookey, a Gross Monkey Pokemon, Scorbunny, the Fire Rabbit Pokemon and Sobble, the Water Chamelion Pokemon.

The game is set to be released at the end of this year and we are hoping we might see it at E3 this year. Nintendo’s presentation will be happening on the 11th of June.