PUBG: Can New Feature Reel-In Fornite’s Players?

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Playerunknown’s Battleground, or PUBG for short, is one of the most-played multiplayer online video game right now and this is owed to the attractive battle royal survival setup which the game has to offer.

But for a large portion of gamers worldwide, their battle royal experience started off on Fortnite Battle Royale hence they are unwilling to switch to PUBG. It’s much like how playing FIFA has made you reluctant to switch over to PES or playing Call of Duty has made you ignored everything about Battlefield. Only a handful few will actually get two rival franchise to enjoy them both.

In PUBG’s case, the game wants to grow and the only way to enjoy a significant inline in players is through reeling in the crowd on Fortnite Battle Royale. The developers have given this a long hard thought and their solution is to offer a new Training Mode that will make it easier for new players to join the PUBG community.

The Training Mode was announced earlier today and the feature is expected to get released in the month of September 2018. With such a mode, new players don’t have to feel lost and adapt to PUBG quickly.