PUBG Is Enjoying Life On the Xbox One!

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Playerunknown’s Battleground has grown to become a popular battle royal video game on the Microsoft Xbox One. This was confirmed today after a press release revealed that PUBG has over 9 million players on the Microsoft Xbox One.

The breakdown of the numbers is unspecified and we assume that it is based on every account that has launched PUBG once. It’s still an impressive achievement for PUBG and this is especially when you consider that the same population of gamers are on God of War.

We brought up God of War due to the game being on a platform that has twice more players than the Xbox One. From this perspective, it shows that PUBG is truly on the mark for success.

But of course, there are still a plenty of technical issues holding PUBG back from reaching its full potential. Once they get ironed out, we can expect the number of players on PUBG to rise sharply.