PUBG Is Secretly On A Tragic Decline!

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PlayerUnkown’s Battleground is a highly popular battle royale video game but many are unaware of the fact that tittle is going into a sharp decline.

The first sign of decline surfaced when PUBG loses its gamer-base on the consoles hence forcing the developers to focus more on the PC platform where the game is cemented on Steam’s number one spot.

Even so, this is not expected to last long because the developers can be said as losing direction with PUBG. We completely understand that the studio is looking to generate profits but the method used to milk the cash has negatively affected the gameplay experience.

To keep it short, the developers have pushed paid lootbox system before their game is even finished. It’s the same case on the consoles where the product is considered as unplayable at present moment.

The greed-driven methods have handed a large number of players a negative experience with PUBG thus explaining the gradual dipping of players on the game.