PUBG Players Are Dwindling In Numbers

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PUBG is one of the most played titles in the past year and this is owed to sudden demand for a battle royale video game. The huge success of PUBG has led more established video game makers promising a similar feature with their upcoming games and this has brought on a negative effect to the gamer base.

It was reported yesterday that the number of players on PUBG on the PC has dipped below one million for the first time in a year. If that is not bad enough, the tradeable items in PUBG has also suffered from heavy depreciation.

This is certainly a sign of doom for PUBG as gamers are looking at more established brands like Call of Duty and Battlefield for their battle royale fix. Part of the fault also goes to the developers for taking a very long time to fix the technical issues on PUBG when knowing that the competition is about to heat up.

Those that are aware of the dwindling player base have predicted zero comeback from PUBG and we are expecting this to come true.