Quake Champions: What’s New?

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After the long wait, Quake Champions fans will finally get their hands on the Capture the Flag mode but that is only one of the many updates that the game will be getting with the new patch.

The new Capture the Flag mode will be split into two halves and can be played on five maps including Citadel which will come with the latest patch. Besides the new mode and map, there is also a new progression system where players can earn cosmetics by playing the game. Of course, if you also have a Battle Pass, you will be able to get more exclusive items.

Those that do not have the free pass can try and complete the daily and weekly challenges. By doing so, you will get free shards which you can use to spend on skins, shaders and vanity items for your champion. The shards can also be used to unlock new champions.

Those with the Battle Pass can use XP to level it up which will allow you to get more reward from the game many of which are unique to Battle Pass holders only.