Rage 2: What’s In Store After Launch

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As with many of the new games, players can generally expect to see more content come their way after the game has been released and Rage 2 is no exception.

The developer of the game has just released the DLC calendar for the upcoming game detailing what their players can expect to see after the game arrives. Players will get some free content which includes all the World Events, Day 30 update, some weapon skins, cheat codes, Wasteland challenges, and the one Wheeler vehicle.

Some other concept will be paid and these include the Expansion 1: Rise of the Ghost as well as the Expansion 2 which does not have a title at this moment. These expansions will bring with it new story content, weapons, vehicles, and location.

If you want a detail view of what is to come and the month it will be arriving in, you can check out the full content calendar which was posted on the Rage 2 official Twitter page.